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It is a real vision to see our products grow and prosper beautifully on our fruitful grounds in the heart of Leonding.

Our production underlies EUREP GAP-regulations and is awarded the AMA – seal of approval.

Characterization of our farm:

Enduring cultivation and crop rotation are very important (winter wheat, soy, sugar beet, sweet corn, pumpkin). We also include time periods in which no crop is grown on the fields in the crop rotation. Through this nitrogen in the ground is bound and the amount of nitrate in groundwater is reduced as well as ground erosion is avoided.

Our farm is a member of the federation called “Wasserbauern” which aims at maintaining and preserving the quality standards of our groundwater.

Maintaining our fields:

Dispersing lime:

To keep our soil healthy „Carbolime“, a byproduct of the production process of sugar, is dispersed on our fields.

Deep loosening :

To improve soil structure and increase soil fauna we take measures using state of the art technology meeting highest demands.

For example depth loosening followed by immediate recovery of the ground with the help of microorganisms and soil fauna.


To avoid deficiency or over-fertilisation mineral fertiliser is used on the fields in the exact amount appropriate to the demand of the soil and the cultivated field crop. This demand is determined by an annual analysis of the ground.

Pest management:

We use state oft the art technology to protect our (later) crop from damage by carrying out pest management at the optimal point of time. Correspondent permission regulations and waiting periods are strictly followed.

This is our contribution to an optimal food safety and quality.

Our main products:


This is how it started: 1986

Manual harvesting is still indispensable in some areas


The husks are still removed from the corn cobs manually, to be able to reassure the desired quality for our customers.
With incredible power and an immense will for living the small plants manage to grow under the hardest circumstances (dryness).

Sweet corn and pumpkin plants are covered with fleece, making us able to offer our customers Austrian sweet corn and pumpkins as fast as possible.


Our goal is to deliver our sweet corn fresh and straight from the field. This is why we start our day early during the harvesting season. The sugar content of sweet corn is highest right after the harvest.

That’s why we say: the fresher - the better!

Manual harvesting is still indispensable in some areas.

Mechanical Harvest::

We use state oft the art technology and machines in harvesting to be able to reassure highest quality for our customers.


After the corn husk is removed the sweet corn cobs are packaged.  

After harvesting the sweet corn, the corn husk is removed manually and the corn cobs are packaged by our up to date packing machines. After that our products are delivered to our customers immediately using refrigerated trucks.

Thus it began: Pumpkin 1999

It started in 1999 with a pumpkin breed called „Rouge vif d’Etampes”.


Biodegradable mulch foil is used to create ideal growth conditions and to minimize the usage of fertilizers and pesticides.
Hereon either small plants are cropped or the grains are seeded manually.

Young pumpkin plants are sprouting

What a delight to watch them grow!


We mainly use hacking techniques for weed control. These techniques require higher efforts but they stand for our company’s philosophy

This method guarantees minimized usage of plant protection agent focused on where it’s really necessary. The pumpkin plants themselves remain untouched and untroubled by the plant protection agents.


The bloom of the pumpkin plants – just as beautiful as the fruit itself


Harvest of the pumpkin called „Langer von Neapel“


Harvest of the Halloween-pumpkin.

Washing the decoration-pumpkins and marrows.

Washing the pumpkins called „Langer von Neapel“.

Washing the Halloween-pumpkins .
Sorting and packing the decoration-pumpkins and marrows.


After the harvest the mulch foils are removed from the fields.

The fields are vegetated and prepared for the winter. The annual rhythm completes itself. After the cold season the cycle starts again.
A wonderful rhythm.